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Decentralized Capital Family Office


Welcome. We are delighted you are interested in learning more about us. Decentralized Capital is a first generation multi-family office located in Munich, Germany. Backed by entrepreneurial families and business owners we represent modern and long lasting wealth accumulation with a digital first strategy.

As a union of young entrepreneurial families, we have cultivated a primary focus on the tech sector and related digital projects. We invest in venture capital, startups and digital technologies with a special interest in health tech, blockchain technology, crypto assets and the cryptocurrency market. On a more secondary note we are also investing in real estate and traditional assets.

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As an independent family office, we see long-lasting wealth security as our core responsibility. This we combine with a structured approach to wealth increase by investing in future-oriented projects and new technologies.

Our core values are:


We see open-mindedness as an absolute precedent. As a first-generation family office with an extensive background in tech and the crypto space, we are prone to exploring new chances and markets at an early stage. Only with an open eye for emerging markets, it is possible to grasp chances for rapid wealth expansion.


As a union of young entrepreneurial families, lasting wealth accumulation is of our highest concern. Building wealth is a long and difficult road. In order to maintain and develop assets and investments, we set quality at the forefront of our actions.
We seek frequent interactions with like-minded peers on par. This we understand as necessity for sustainable network growth and in cooperation with new partners.


Our freedom to act, as a core principle helps avoid any conflict of interest and secures the best possible allocation of capital.
We are obligated to make the best possible decisions for our members and are not bound by any third party.
This allows us to work with the most fitting managers, partners and forces the market and our network have to offer when starting new projects.


Because of the diverse entrepreneurial background of our members from different industries, we are able to investigate chances and projects under different conditions and from a wide range of positions. Frequently, we find a minimum of one expert for any given opportunity to ensure the most valuable assessment of an investment opportunity. .
This approach creates security and enables us to make the right decisions in all new and emerging markets. We believe, in order to secure one's wealth, it is vital to invest in the future.


From different locations, with a shared goal.

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